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20 November 2006

Stela of Nakhty

(see hieroglyphic text below)


Htp di nsw wsir nb Ddw nTr aA nb AbDw di=f prt xrw t Hnqt kA Apd Ss mnxt xt nbt
nfrt wabt anxt nTr im ddt pt qmAt tA innt Hap(y) m Htp
di nsw TAw n anx nDm st snTr wab n kA n HAty-a nxti mAa xrw ms n nxti mAat xrw


LINE 1 An offering which the king gives to Osiris, lord of Busiris, great god, lord of Abydos, so that he may give voice offering of bread, beer, ox, fowl, alabaster and linen, everything ....
LINE 2 .... good and pure on which a god lives, which the sky gives, which the land creates, and which the inundation brings as an offering which the king ....
LINE 3 .... gives, the sweet breath of life, the scent of pure incense for the ka of the governor Nakhti, the justified, born of Nakhti, the justified.

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