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14 December 2006

How to make it as an archaeologist

- Forget the bull whip
It might have got Indiana Jones out of a scrape or two, but then Indiana Jones has little if anything to do with real archaeology. Excavators these days are far more likely to be armed with a theodolite and laptop than a whip and pistol, so if you are working on the assumption that archaeology = glamour you're going to be sorely disappointed. Mind you, if you find yourself digging somewhere hot then an Indiana Jones Fedora might come in useful.

- Study hard, get the qualifications
Gone are the days of the enthusiastic amateur -- men such as 19th Century businessman Heinrich Schliemann who, having made a fortune contracting during the Crimean War, decided to turn his hand to excavating and, at Mycenae and Troy, made some of the most spectacular discoveries in the history of archaeology. These days archaeologists are highly qualified, technically skilled professionals -- simply being able to poke around in the ground with a trowel is no longer enough. Draughtsmanship, surveying, micro-botany, photography, material conservation, epigraphy, digital design, cartography, computing -- these are just a few of the skills that are required on a modern archaeological mission (although not all necessarily by the same person).
- Volunteer as "trowel fodder"
- Resign yourself to a lifetime of poorly-paid obscurity
- Find Nefertiti

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hey there found your page very great even though it wont be like Indiana Johns (:L) i find and love Archeology and very much Egyptology is amazing and intense. to me its like gathering knowledge to gather a personal view of the world which we know little about and the secrets that are under your feet.

Yours Sincerely

Josiah Warbrick€ NZ