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10 May 2007

Inner Ramp Theory Rejected by Egyptologists

Egyptian, German and US archaeological experts have rejected the theory of the French archaeologist Jean-Pierre Houdin about how the Giza Pyramids were built, Zahi Hawass, the Secretary-General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, said yesterday.

According to Houdin, the Ancient Egyptians built the 480-foot-high Great Pyramid of Giza from the inside out, using a ramp that spiralled around the pyramid's interior, 30 to 45 feet inside its external surface.

Hawass tested the theory on the ground in the area of the Pyramids, along with a number of eminent archaeologists including the American Mark Lehner and the German Rainer Stadelman. They concluded that the Frenchman's theory was scientifically impossible.


masterDD said...

hi there,this site is amaazing...I just have a question about the original name given to the egyptian scribes worked in greek temples?Do you have any idea?It issupposed to be 15 characters long...

Ana said...

Thank you!
I've never heard of it.
I should have the word for scribe (sS - sesh) in it, and maybe egyptian(kmt).