26 June 2007

Hieroglyphs Everywhere - Presentation by Bob Richmond

"Hieroglyphs Everywhere" by Bob Richmond
Oxford, August 2006

Articles relating to the use of computer technology for Ancient Egyptian.

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- from PowerPoint presentation


- Ancient Egyptian in Print
- Ancient Egyptian as Information
- Future Directions
- Hieroglyphs Everywhere

More info:
Saqqara Technology

Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy by Henry Fischer

"Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy. A Beginner's Guide to Writing Hieroglyphs" 4th edition.
by Henry G. Fischer
New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1999.

A nice book for learning how to write hieroglyhs. It is available for download on Giza Archives Project website.

Download PDF (10.7 MB)

[I found it on Andie's Egyptology News blog:
"Lovely book, in PDF format, which gives you detailed guidelines on how to draw each hieroglyph, stroke by stroke. Wonderful for those who are calligraphilcally-challenged!"]