15 November 2007

JSesh 2.4.15 Released

New version of JSesh was released by Serge Rosmorduc.
The following changes were made:

"The most notable improvement of 2.4.15 is the addition of a new
software: the sign info editor. It allows one to add information on
signs, for instance transliteration and sign description. I hope that
some JSesh user with enough expertise in Egyptology will take advantage
of this to improve the existing data.

Meanwhile, this also means that the JSesh palette has been improved.

Other changes:

* Now, '-' can be used while typing signs transliterations for entering
signs. For instance, you can type "Hwt-Hr".

* Corrected interpretation of \r and \t when importing winglyph text.

* Corrected some bugs in TTF fonts import (well, some of those bugs are due
to the various versions of Java.

* We now include the MDC source file in the PDF output of JSesh as a comment
(in the Subject field). This is a trick, but it will allows us, for
instance, to
save and reload PDF files created by JSesh, which is a requirement of
the IFAO."

DOWNLOAD LINK: jsesh.qenherkhopeshef.org/download