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28 January 2007


Adjective is a word that describes a noun.

In Egyptian:

- adjectives FOLLOW their nouns. (sn nfr - "good brother")
- adjectives AGREE with the noun in gender and number. (snt nfrt -"good sister")

Egyptian has 3 types of adjectives:

- primary (only one such adjective exists - "all" (nb))
- secondary (most adjectives are secondary - come from verbs, nouns or prepositions)
- derived (also called nisbes - come from verbs, nouns or prepositions)

Basic forms:

- masculine singular (primary and secondary have no ending, derived have ending -i)
- masculine plural (all have ending -w added to their singular form)
- feminine (primary and secondary add ending -t to the masculine singular form - derived add -t in place of -j)

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Kephren said...

Could you include some examples? Thanks!