12 May 2006

Discussion Lists - Must be a member!

Use of computers and internet helped studding everything and therefore languages like ancient Egyptian. Discussion list or mailing list is a community that assembles scholars but also everyone else interested in the subject. They are useful in your learning as you can read other people's opinions (in our case many professionals, like Egyptologists, historians and archaeologists) and participate in discussion yourself.

One extremely important is GlyphStudy - Middle Egyptian Study group that has been created especially for learning Egyptian hieroglyphs. It goes through the book "Middle Egyptian" by James Allen and it is now begging the 13th chapter.
Sign up ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GlyphStudy) and hurry up before they complete it!

You should also be a member of the ones below. They are dealing with ancient Egyptian language and culture.

AEL - Ancient Egyptian Language Email List

EEF - The Egyptologists' Electronic Forum

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