21 May 2006

Egyptology Forums

Some of the most visited forums where you can discuss anything about ancient Egypt, ancient history, archaeology etc.:

Egyptian Dreams Discussion Board


Archaeology Fieldwork

The House of Netjer ("house of the god")

Egypt Travel Information Forums


Anonymous said...

You might also wish to check out the Open Egyptology Forums at Glyphdoctors:


Sitessa said...

Egyptian Dreams is a place to stay away from. I respectfully disagreed with their autocratic way of dismissing anything other than scientific ways of looking at ancient Egypt.....And the owner decided to suspend my account. Not banned mind you. If one was banned, then they would lose a member. Suspending keeps you there and makes it looks like they actually have active members.

Arsinoe said...

I guess the diggers of the dead at Egyptian Dreams are as dead as the ones they desecrate.....BTW KEVIN lord high duff owner of a sorry assed forum.....I love Twitter, and you can't shut me up there or here.

So Said Sitessa said...

Egyptian Dreams also has a website selling cheap Egyptian related trinkets. Stay away from there too

Arsinoe Sarione Ptolemy said...

If you want to ROLE play being an archeologist JOIN Egyptian Dreams Forum....because that is what populates the members who posts there....archeologist wanna be's.

Kevin said...

Many thanks for the free advertising, much appreciated.

Arsinoe said...

You're welcome you British Prig. Oh and thanks for Banning me. :lol........I'll be back though....Look for me....You can't keep a Bad Ptolemy down.


"King Tut was much overrated....If he hadn't died someone would have surely killed the brat king anyway."

Arsinoe said...

VISIT the new and improved Egyptian Dreams Forum. My version is much the same, but allows you to have your own opinion on things too.


Besides my site is prettier :LOL

Arsinoe said...

I changed the name of my forum and the URL as well...as a result I lost admin control of it. The forum is fully functional reguardless. You are welcome to join if you wish.


But I am in the process of transferring data to a new board since the company running the old board will not even reply to a plea for help to fix their glitch. You can join there if you wish instead. I operate a forum where I respect an individuals opinion and welcome new ideas. Unlike the dried up old mummies who run at Egypt Dreams.

Join Me @


Veritas said...

VISIT the NEW Aegyptian Ages blog


It contains the Secret of Cleopatra. Was she simply a murderer? Or a monster too. GO SEE!

Anonymous said...

Greek historians referred to Pharao "Narmer" as "Menes". The King of Ancient Egyptians who currently live in Southern Africa is referred to as King "Mengwe". This is so close to the Greek pronounciation that one can only deduce that the name "Narmer" never existed. Instead, the name of the said Pharao, alone among ancient Egyptian words, was written (and read) from bottom - upwards, and not top to bottom. In other words, one first reads the chisel, and then the catfish. Read that way, the name becomes "mengwe" or at the very least "meno", which means "teeth". The Mengwe people are also referred to as "Ba-meno", i.e. "the teeth people".