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12 June 2006


Serge Rosmorduc's software for typing hieroglyphs is very useful (and free!). JSesh, word processor, uses Java and here you'll find the new version (for Mac and Win):

I have Java installed but can't open it :(, so I use TKsesh:

Another free and interesting program is Luca Brigatti's HieroWord:
It is not a text processor but a very useful dictionary. It uses more than 800 hieroglyphs (from Gardiner's Sign list). You can add words yourself or use some of the dictionaries which are also available for download on his website.

He made a program called Hieroglyphs too, a flashcard that shows only signs (not words) - but it's also useful!
See the link above.

MacScribe, a professional hieroglyphic text processor only works on Macintosh.
http://www.macscribe.com/ (in French)
Costs ~ $250

HieroNote - Type in Hieroglyphs, try the demo version (2.84MB):
Free to try; $19.95 to buy

GlyphTutor is a program for memorizing the phonetic values of the most common signs.
Free to try (3 MB)

That's what I've found for now. If someone can think of any other good program, or has experience with some, please tell us.

If you want to see how your name look in the cartouche see this link.

... my full name :)

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Luca Brigatti said...

Version 4 of Hierowords is now available for free from Hierowords.weebly.com