21 July 2006

Why some female names don't end in t?

(this question was asked in one of the comments)

Why female names like Isis, Hathor, Nephthys, and Qetesh don't end in t as other female words do? Every female name in ancient Egyptian is ending in t. Just that some of them we now know by their Greek version.

- Isis was called by ancient Egyptians most probably Aset (could have been pronounced Iset, Ast. Eset, Auset...)
- Het-Hert (-house of Horus-) is the Egyptian name for Hathor (Greeks called her Hathor).
- The Egyptian name of Nephtys is Nebt-Het (-mistress of the house-) - Nephtys is a Greek version too.
- Qetesh was originally a Syrian deity, so this is a foreign name/word


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