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23 March 2007

Dictionary of Middle Egyptian

(in Gardiner Classification Order)
by Paul Dickson
December 1, 2006
As I began trying to learn to read the hieroglyphic writing of Middle Egyptian I was frustrated that all of the available dictionaries were organized around the approximate sounds of the words instead of their spelling, as is used in most other dictionaries.

When I learned that all of the raw material was available for making my own dictionary, organized the way I wanted, I set out on this project.

The definitions are organized in order by the Gardiner Codes of the glyphs that make them up. This system, developed by Alan Gardiner in the early part of the 20th century, groups the symbols into families according to what they look like.

Download PDF (18.3 MB)

[The original definitions, transliterations, and glyph sequences are by Mark Vygus, via Luca Brigatti's web site. The word lists are from Faulkner's
dictionary and other sources.]


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely the most fantastic thing I've come across in this field. Well done.

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good work. i need to discuss more details with you. please send me your e-mail

Anonymous said...

You wonderful, wonderful person! Woot!

F.R. said...

Thankyou so much!

Asar Imhotep said...

I know this was done in 2006. In the document you said you plan to update it. It's basically been 3 years. Has it been updated as of yet? If so, where can you pick up a copy? Thanks in advance.

Asar Imhotep