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25 April 2007

Ancient Egyptian Tales

The tale of the shipwrecked sailor (6th dynasty)

The tale of the eloquent peasant (Middle Kingdom)

The Tale of Sinuhe (12th dynasty)

The Herdsman's Tale (12th dynasty)

The Tales from the Westcar Papyrus (Middle Kingdom or later)

The taking of Joppa, a tale of conquest by Djehuti under Thutmose III. (18th dynasty)

King Neferkare and General Sasenet (18th-19th dynasty)

Truth and Falsehood: A tale (19th dynasty)

The Tale of the Two Brothers: Anpu and Bata (19th dynasty)

The Tale of the Garden of Flowers (19th dynasty)

Wenamen's journey to Byblos (20th dynasty)

The Turin papyrus (Papyrus 55001)

The literary letter of Wermai, the end of the New Kingdom

Princess Ahura: The Magic Book (c. 1100 BCE)

The Doomed Prince

A ghost story

The mouse as vizier

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