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05 October 2006

Gardiner's Sign List

"English Egyptologist, Sir Alan Gardiner, compiled a list of 700 seperate signs used in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. His book "Egyptian Grammar", and this list has become the standard in Egyptology. Both are an absolute "must" for any serious study of ancient Egyptian writing."


SIGN LIST for download:


(4 .gif files, low and high quality)


Categories in the list:


 1  A Man and his occupations. A1-A56, (+A59 Man w/Club).
 2  B Woman and her occupations. B1-B7. [also B8-B12; see hieroglyphs.]
 3  C Anthropomorphic deities. C1-C20.
 4  D Parts of the human body. D1-D63.
 5  E Mammals. E1-E34. Ox -Rabbit.
 6  F Parts of Mammals. F1-F52.
 7  G Birds. G1-G54.
 8  H Parts of Birds. H1-H8.
 9  I Amphibious animals, reptiles, etc. I1-I15
10  K Fishes and parts of fishes. K1-K7.
11  L Invertebrata and lesser animals. L1-L7.
12  M Trees and plants. M1-M44.
13  N Sky, earth, water. N1-N43.
14  O Buildings, parts of building, etc. O1-O51.
15  P Ships and parts of ships. P1-P11.
16  Q Domestic and funerary furniture. Q1-Q7.
17  R Temple furniture and sacred emblems. R1-R25.
18  S Crowns, dress, staves, etc. S1-S45.
19  T Warfare, hunting, butchery. T1-T35.
20  U Agriculture, crafts, and professions. U1-U41.
21  V Rope, fibre, baskets, bags, etc. V1-V38.
22  W Vessels of stone and earthenware. W1-W25.
23  X Loaves and cakes. X1-X8.
24  Y Writings, games, music. Y1-Y8.
25  Z Strokes, signs derived from hieratic geometrical fiqures. Z1-Z11.
26  Aa Unclassified. Aa1-Aa31. (Aa32 is also in Warfare.)


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