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04 October 2006

Hieroglyphic Texts in MdC Format

Collection of texts in the Manuel de codage format on Serge Rosmorduc's website:


(many have also GIF, JPG, PDF version, and translation in French)


Files containing Manuel de codage have .hie extension which is read by most hieroglyphic text editors (like JSesh, TkSesh).



Texts include:


- Louvre C14 stela

- The Shipwrecked Sailor

- the Coffin Text 160

- A papyrus from Gurob

- Un graffiti du Wadi Hammamat

- The wisdom of Amenemope

- Year two stela of Sethnakht in Elephantine

- The teaching of Kagemni (or Gemnika, ...)

- Antef Stela (Louvre C26)

- The "Lebensmüde" (or dispute between a man and his Ba)

- Stela of 400 Years

- Inení's texts

- Iykhernofret stela

- The two brothers

- The Doomed Prince

- Unnamon's travels

- Horus and Seth

- The tales of papyrus Westcar

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