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16 November 2006

Stela of Sarenenutet

(see hieroglyphic text below)


Htp di nsw wsir nb Ddw nTr aA nb AbDw di=f xA
m t Hnqt kA Apd Ss mnxt xt nbt anxt nTr im n kA n imAxy dd Htpw nTr n
nTrw Hsb Snwty imy-r pr sA-rnnwtt mAa xrw ms n bA-mkt


LINE 1 An offering which the king gives to Osiris, lord of Djedu (Busiris), great god, lord of Abydos, so that he may give (voice offering) thousand ....
LINE 2 .... in bread, bear, ox, fowl, alabaster and linen, everything on which a god lives, for the ka of the revered one, the offering giver to ....
LINE 3 + vertical + LINE 4 .... the gods, the counter of the double granaries and steward Sarenenutet, the justified, born of Bameket.

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DCP Fidenza said...

I've seen a fragment of papyrus of Sarenenutet, where it can see a women offering some object and over a long jeroglific